December 15, 2009

The Great Brunoskie

Hello family! My name is Brunoskie, you may know me as Bruno. It is the year 2016 and I have chosen to write you from the future to warn you that I (the young Bru) will be getting into the garbage soon. I remember it well, I ate many things that really made me sick. Please stop me!

You may be wondering why my name is now Brunoskie. That is normal here in the future, it was trendy around 2012 to make your name sound Russian, I really don't know why but mine stuck.

I recall Joey seeing me and instead of stopping me, he just started playing with the bubble wrap I pulled out. William was busy playing Wii and didn't notice that I was feasting on week old Barbaric!

I am much more sophisticated these days. My puppy party business has taken off and I am living the dream of every pup. Biggoskie and I have made so much money that the momma human dosen't have to work anymore. I drive Biggoskie around to the market and to see Maddie in college because he can't see worth a flip....I know, I used to see poorly before they came up with the puppy eye surgery that makes me see perfectly.