August 30, 2011

oh yeah...IT'S FUZBOL TIME!!

Hello blogosphere!  Bruno here,

Fuzbol season is here and I could not be more excited.  Ahhh, the smell of chiz dip and sausage in the autumn air just makes me a happy sun dog.    

However, fuzbol season does bring some negatives to Boo's world.  There are loud, unexplained outbursts from da humans.  It is like they goes crazy for a minute and den they back to normal all happy and stuff.  It is kinda like the sprinkler monster except in much smaller doses.  

I think it makes sense to......SQUIRL!!!!!  and i'm back, sorry about that.  What was i saying? do you like my picture in my new scarf?  I posin as my serious face.  It makes me look all hard and stuff.  Let the haters hate.  

Roll Tide  
Boos Out