January 12, 2010

the new me

i love the new year of 2010 ~ the year of the tiger.  i have a new do ~ a mohawk momma human gave me. i want to change my name to 'roosevelt applebaum' but my minions are denying me this privilege.

January 7, 2010

our new year's resolutions

  • not sitting in the house all day
  • not sitting in the house all day in pajamas or the confidence coat
  • living in the future instead of the past
  • not worrying about the future
  • watching more tv
  • coming up with new excuses for bigger and better puppy parties instead of using the same old excuses
  • taking fewer baths to conserve water
  • giving up certain foods, such as chocolate and cake donuts
  • paying more attention to the children rather than gumby
  • not considering others' feelings for once