October 27, 2009

You can't stop the puppy party!

How dare you tall people leave me out in the yard, having to bare all the elements and such!

At first i thought it was great..the sun in my face, the cool brisk air running through my beautiful hair that has grown back. (I shall not revisit that unfortunate episode with the clippers) I was cozy in my green coat, i love my coat.

Then, all of a sudden, I realized that we had a puppy party scheduled, and we were stuck in the back yard like prisoners! So i barked, and barked, and barked some more, but the tall people were nowhere to be found. I was fed up with Bruno by this point, jabbering about an evil, water spouting moster next door. i tried to convince him it was just the sprinklers, but he seemed to not care.

While Bru chased his tail i was plotting our escape from this grassy prison. First, i thought we could come in through the chimney, i've heard the tall people speak of the fat nick fellow who does this. bruno got on my shoulders but he said he barely couldn't reach the top. Next, i try barking at the neighbor, nothing is working.

Then there was this terrible crashing sound. it is the water spouting monster! he has spewed his water all the way over the fence, surely a monster capable of such a destructive act needs all my barking strength to fend off. So i bark, and bark some more, when all of a sudden i see Bruno in the corner of my eye, sprinting full speed towards the door! Before i could yell at him to stop, he turns and jumps head first into the window, then disappears! I may never know how he did it, but he magically got inside.

With a smile on his face and a wag in his tail, he unlocks the door and says, "It's PUPPY PARTY TIME!"