November 9, 2009

Iz Clean

The tall people said i smelled like old indian food, so i took a bath.

it took me a while to figure out the magical water fountain and i feel claustraphobic in the big white water cave. the towel warmer was super duper, i love feeling the warm towel on my beautiful flowing hair. i have to dry my hair as quickly as possible or i just can't do anything with it.

bruno refused to join me. i left him unattended and of course he hit his head on the table leg while chasing his tail. i took him to the bed and he rested all day. he says he is feeling better, so i asked him some simple questions to make sure he was ok. i asked him who he was and he responded, 'i am batman'. he then took the bed sheet around his neck and dashed through the house yelling 'where is the joker!'

i thought about not letting him come to the puppy party today, but changed my mind after he put a lampshade on his head and said he was 'king of the kanappers'. yeah, i don't know what that is either. it turned out to be the best puppy party ever!